Blog Archive - May 2015

Posted: May 2, 2015
By: Clay Cerny


Clients frequently ask about difficult job interview questions.  They want to know how to speak the magic words that will turn into a job.  Here's the real question:  What does the employer need?  The better you can understand what the employer is looking for, the more likely you are to get the job.  Rather than study canned answers to interview questions, I recommend preparing for an interview this way:

1.  Know your strengths.  Practice talking about why you are good at what you do.  Be able to tell stories that will help an employer see how you have used your strengths on the job.

2.  Listen and ask questions to learn what the employer needs.  An interview should be more of a discussion than a test.  Your challenge is to understand what the employer is looking for and show that you are the solution to the company's problem.  I recommend asking this question:  What are the three biggest challenges I'll face in this position?  After the employer answers this question, demonstrate how you can meet these challenges and be an asset to the company.

It's never easy to get a job.  Rather than worry about questions you might not even be asked, figure out what the employer needs and demonstrate why you are good at what you do.  If you can do those two things, employers will want to hire you.