Big Promises for an Easy Job Search

Posted April 19, 2013
By Clay Cerny

I was buying a hot dog today when I saw a poster advertising a new job search tool.  It promises an easy job search using social media.  It also promotes itself through a contest that will let those who register have a chance win money.  The only way to learn more about the site is to register, which I will not do (nor will I name the site).  If any business wants customers to trust it, that business should tell us who it is and what it does without asking for registration.  I’m also suspicious about gimmicks like lotteries that try to lure people to register.

Here’s my bottom line:  The job search is never easy.  In some ways, online technologies have given job seekers great new tools.  It has also given some companies a way to offer services that do not help people looking for work. My recommendation is that you test every online tool before you waste too much time or provide information that could be used to put you in marketing databases.