Build a Routine for Your Job Search

Posted August 31, 2010
By Clay Cerny

A good job search requires focus and discipline.  Too often job seekers do things haphazardly without any thought of building a routine.

I recommend that clients do the following.

1.  Network whenever possible.  Many experts say that at least 50% of your effort in looking for a job should be put into networking. 

2.  Build a routine for using job boards.  Find the categories where employers list the kind of jobs you want to pursue and check those sections on a regular basis.

For example, a job seeker seeking a job in sales might check that category in Careerbuilder on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  And on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, she would check the same category on Monster (or another job board).

3.  Identify companies you want to work for.  Set up a job search favorites folder and bookmark those companies.  Every two weeks, check open positions to see if there is something you can apply for. 

The more you can build routine and discipline into your job search, the better able you will be to contact potential employers.  On some level, getting hired is a numbers game: The more activity, the greater likelihood of success.  Build a routine that works for you, and stick with it.