California Public Workers Held Hostage

Posted June 23, 2010
By Clay Cerny

According to today’s Los Angeles Times, Governor Arnold Schwarzenneger is attempting to cut state workers to minimum wage to force the legislature to deal with him on the budget.  California politics are hamstrung by propositions which limit taxing powers.  In a sense, this means that both the governor and legislators can claim some victim status. 

The governor, however, seems focused on attacking public employees as his way out of the problem.  The minimum wage strategy means to get the legislature’s attention.  More serious would be his threat to furlough employees.  The people of California (Kal – ee – for – nee – yuh in the Terminator’s language) will be rid of this “leader” soon.  The question remains if they will replace him with the former CEO of EBay, who will probably be worse. 

At some point, working people have to look in the mirror and admit that they often vote against their own best interest.