Education and the Future of Work in the U.S.

Posted March 1, 2011
By Clay Cerny

A country’s greatest resource isn’t its military, industry, or natural resources.  Children are the future – future citizens, consumers, and workers.  In an essay from Common Dreams, Diane Ravitch looks at the dollars-focused “reforms” proposed for public schools in several American cities.  The most shocking might be in Detroit, where 50% of the schools are slated to be closed by 2016.  Some students will be housed (not learning) in classes of 60.

Our failure to fund education, the Right’s constant attack on public schools and teachers, will have major consequences in the future.  At a time when jobs demand increased knowledge and skills, we are taking resources away from education.  Teachers in some of the roughest schools are having pay and benefits cut – who will want that job?  Anyone who’s talking about balancing the budget and putting people back to work without supporting education is either a fool or a hypocrite.