Factory Jobs and Political Issues

Posted January 28, 2012
By Clay Cerny

MSNBC’s website has a story on the increase in factory jobs.  I really like the chart that accompanies the story because it shows how significant the U.S. economy has been affected by factory job loss since the 1980s.  What I don’t like about the story is its simplistic political angle.  Clearly, unemployment and other economic factors will impact how Americans vote for President and other offices in 2012.  However, the loss of factory jobs and their possible comeback is a serious story in itself without any references to the soap opera of politics.  The story also does not consider factors like the cost of shipping and inflation in China that are making manufacturing in America an option companies will consider.  Left-right politics always enables a writer to craft a simple story that is easy to understand and often controversial.  American working people are facing tough problems.  They deserve better from the media.