Getting Good Career Advice and Support

Posted May 29, 2010
By Clay Cerny

Help others who are helping you with your job search.  When you ask a friend for support with networking or ask them to review a resume, be sure that they understand what kind of job you are seeking.  Often they will judge you based on your most recent job or the job where you were co-worker.  They need to know how you are positioning yourself for the next job.

For example, if a teacher were making a career change into sales, her friends and co-workers might be put off if her resume talked about the skills sales professionals need: “presentation skills, persuasiveness, negotiation, training.”  They need to be told that the goal is a job in sales, not teaching.  They need to be able to say why a former teacher will be a good sales professional.  Work with your support network so they know how to present you.  Help them understand the transition you are making, and why it is important for them to sell you for the job you want, not the job you had.