Give Yourself the Chance to Succeed

Posted December 17, 2012
By Clay Cerny

I just got good news from a client who wants to work in pro baseball.  My client went to the winter meetings, interviewed with 8 teams, and accepted an internship with the Tampa Bay Rays.  Was he lucky?  To a degree.  What's more important is the work he did to get lucky.  Beyond his achievements as a player and coach, he studied how people get jobs in baseball.  Then he had the courage to risk rejection and failure.  He could have gotten no interviews or no offers.  Instead, he took the chance and now has an opportunity.

Failure is easy:  do nothing and make excuses.  Success is hard because you can work hard and still not achieve your goal.  However, most people who know their target and how to hit it end up in the right place.  It's never easy to find the job you want, but with a little faith and a lot of work, most people get to the right place.  Don't stop believing in yourself.  Keep working!