Good Jobs and Politicians

Posted September 24, 2012
By Clay Cerny

Politicians of both parties are beginning to preach a new meme: “good jobs.”  They are aware that our country’s economy has produced new jobs, many of which are low wage.  I agree with the politicians that low wage jobs are a problem.  However, neither party has proposed a real solution to this problem.

What can you do as an individual in a low wage economy?  Practice smart career management.  Executives have done this for years.  They have no loyalty to their employer.  They study their industry, network, and change jobs whenever a good deal comes along.  No politician will save you in a time of shrinking salaries.  You need to know your value, find ways to increase your value, and look for employers who will pay you what you’re worth.

Hanging on to the job you have may give you a sense of security.  It also might be a good way to fall behind financially.  Take care of yourself – look for the best deal.  That’s what the big boys do.