How Layoffs Affect Workers

Posted March 25, 2010
By Clay Cerny

The Chicago Tribune’s Greg Burns has written a thoughtful and frightening article on the impact of layoffs.  He follows university research to outline several negative effects of losing a job.  Beyond the financial implications, health and relationships also suffer.

What I like most about this article is it gives us a way to think about how to deal with getting laid off.  The financial part will always be a problem.  However, if we accept the situation and deal with it, we can continue to work on our health and relationships and keep them as solid as possible.  One big idea I would take away from this article is that laid off workers need to stay active.  As I’ve written before, success starts with a positive attitude that is based in reality.  Sadly, a layoff often destroys the working person’s confidence and hope. Finding those positive emotions are a key to getting back in the job game.  As Burns notes at the end of his article, some laid off workers turn their career around by pursuing work they want to do.  For those lucky people, the dark cloud has a silver lining.

Follow this link to read Greg Burns’s article.