Janitors in L.A. Choose Solidarity

Posted August 27, 2010
By Clay Cerny

The Los Angeles Times reports that SEIU janitors have walked off the job after 16 janitors were laid off by buildings that host successful talent agencies.  The company that hired the workers is flush with cash.  Chase Bank, the owner of the building, has paid its executives big bonuses – why can’t it find a few bucks to keep 16 janitors working?

Simple answer:  Greed.  American corporations are crying poor and blaming President Obama for putting restrictions on them at a time when they are banking huge profits.  The cliché we hear again and again is that corporation “give” jobs.  Over the past few decades, they’ve moved – offshored – as many jobs as possible to whatever country will offer the cheapest labor. 

The janitors in L.A. are fighting back – as did teachers and transit workers in Chicago.  Working people need to resist attempts to drive down wages, and they need to stand together against the investor class that only cares about itself.  It’s easy to blame labor.  Let’s look at people running the companies, those who profit by putting their fellow citizens out of work.