Keep Your Resume Updated

Posted October 25, 2013
By Clay Cerny

A long-time client called me today with an urgent request.  He needed his resume updated today because a high-placed friend was trying to arrange an interview.  The problem is that he had not updated the resume since 2007.  Over the last six years, he has had three jobs, and it was difficult for him to recall details and achievements from the earlier jobs.  After scrambling, we were able to get the job done, but it could have been better.

In today’s job market, good or bad news can come at any time.  We need to be ready to hit the ground running.  Part of being prepared is having your resume ready to go.  I recommend updating your resume as soon as you leave a job or as soon as your comfortable in a new job.  Keep a list of achievements that you will want to use in the resume and during job interviews.  It’s easy to forget details, and it’s easier to remember them if you keep some notes about what you’ve done well.

Updating a resume is always something we will do tomorrow.  Sometimes tomorrow brings opportunity, and we are not prepared for it.  Be prepared.  Keep your resume ready to go.