Plan B and Plan C

Posted December 17, 2013
By Clay Cerny

What if your plan to find a new job doesn’t work?  Do you have a back up?  If you’ve performed different kinds of work, take advantage of that experience and give yourself more opportunity.  I’m currently working with a client who is therapist.  He is also pursuing positions that take advantage of his skill as a manager.  To give himself even more opportunity, he’s networking to explore positions in counseling and training.  This smart job seeker has given himself a Plan B and a Plan C.  Examine your career and try to develop plans to take advantage of skills that might let you pursue a different kind of work.  In most cases, that means developing a second or third resume and cover to support your different types of job searches.  It’s a little more work in preparing to look for work, but it can give you more opportunities and choices in finding a new employer.