Sabbath: September 27, 2009

Posted September 27, 2009
By Clay Cerny

Last Friday I worked very hard and didn’t make a dime.  I spent 6 hours in front of a Jewel grocery store in Andersonville raising money for our local Kiwanis Club.  People were very generous, and several even thanked me for my efforts.

I wasn’t the only at work on our annual Peanut Day.  Several students from Senn High School and Loyola University solicited donations.  What is especially impressive about the efforts of the students from Senn is that they were doing this on a day when there was no school.  Kiwanis will use some of the money raised to support programs at Loyola’s Circle K and Senn’s Key Club, but the funds will also go to other projects like our reading program at local public schools and prizes for an annual 8th grade essay contest.

It is not easy to ask people for money when costs are up and jobs are hard to find.  It’s hard work – but it’s also good work because many people do give freely and in the best spirit of community.  At the end of the day, my feet hurt.  I didn’t care.  The good people who helped Kiwanis and the great students who volunteered reminded me that some work has a purpose that has nothing to do with getting a raise or a promotion.  As the credit card commercial says, the reward of good work is “priceless.”