Show Interest During a Job Interview

Posted November 20, 2012
By Clay Cerny

What can you do during an interview to improve your chance of landing a job?  Show that you are interested.  Employers report that one of the biggest turn offs during an interview is a prospective employee who doesn’t seem to care about the company or what it does.

Before going on any interview, research the company you want to work for.  Know what it does and who its customers are.  Think about what you will do to help the company.  During the interview, frame your answers so they talk about what you will do as an employee, not simply what you did when you were working for another company.

One of the most important parts of an interview occurs when the employers asks if the applicants have any questions.  Again, employers cites a lack of questions as a reason not to make an offer.  Failure to ask questions shows that you haven’t thought about the job or what you could do for the company.

Here are three questions I recommend:

1.  What are the three biggest challenges I will face in this position?

2.  What do you like most about working for this company?

3.  What is the most important quality you are looking in selecting someone to fill this position? Be sure that you affirm that you can deliver whatever quality the employer wants.  This is the point to really sell yourself during the interview.

Employers want workers who will be motivated and do what is in the company’s best interest.  Don’t turn them off by simply talking about yourself, your work history, and education.  Demonstrate that you know what the company does and that you can add to its success.  That’s a big part of the formula for landing a new job.