Spanish Workers Sit Down

Posted March 27, 2012
By Clay Cerny

Spain’s two biggest unions have called for a general strike this Thursday to protest deep cuts the government is making, big cuts ($40 billion) that will hit working people and the poor hardest.  According to Katherine Ainger of the Guardian (via Common Dreams), 30% of working people will be joined on the strike by an “invisible” group of the unemployed, many of whom are younger than 30.

What’s happening in Spain and other European countries should be a wake up to citizens in the U.S.  Austerity only benefits bankers and the investment class.  The same people who devised schemes to put working people and the middle class deep into debt are now coming after the government’s money, which is our tax money.  Rather than taxes going to fund schools and health care, it will be a brighter day for the fat and happy 1%. 

Working people need to wake up and stand up.  Hopefully, Spain will set a good example this Thursday.