best employers

Posted: July 22, 2013
By: Clay Cerny

I was working with a client today who is earlier in his career.  He is seeking employment in wealth management.  He told me his plan was to find work through an employment agency.  That was the only way he would look for work.  I challenged him to think about looking for work in a different way.

Anyone looking for work in a specialized field like wealth management needs to know their industry.  Who are the best companies?  What companies are growing (and would need new employees)?  The best way to find that information is to think like a customer.  If you were protecting wealth or investing, where would you go?  A nurse could use a similar criteria.  What hospitals would she go to or send her family to?  Think about building a list for your field of employment.  Who would be my best employer?

As you research potential employers, you can build a list and rank order companies.  This list will be a tool to use for future job searches as well as the current one.  More importantly, it will help you understand your career better and give you options for networking in the future.  Building a list of potential employers takes time, but the payoff will be worthwhile in your current job search and in the future.

Posted: June 17, 2013
By: Clay Cerny

Today’s Huffington Post led me to a great resource for workers 50+ from AARP.  The website lists best employers for older workers as well as resources to help with resumes and interview preparation.  Too often, older worker assume that all employers practice age discrimination.  Some do, and they are probably miserable people to work for.  Smart employers value experience and are willing to pay for it.  Check out the tools from AARP and share them with your friends.