children in poverty

Posted: September 20, 2011
By: Clay Cerny

Yes! magazine doesn’t follow the simple path of conventional wisdom.  Rather than indulge in clichés about mythical dodo-like “job creators,”  it asks how our economy needs to change in order to generate a more stable economy in a time when we all need to be conservative in the greenest sense of that word:  buying from local/regional markets, learning how to grow food and fix things, and working less/living more.

I love these solutions.  But something radical would have to change in our society for this blueprint to work.  Many people work so hard that they can’t fix things.  They don’t even have time (in many cases, the income) to shop at a farmers market.  Too many Americans have fallen in love with Wal-mart and the promise of cheaper, cheaper, cheaper.  What they fail to realize is that corporations and business owners are applying a similar philosophy to how they will pay working people.  Until we have a stable labor market that will allow the middle class and working poor to build wealth, we will look at a world where 22% of American children live in poverty.  That’s unacceptable.