compromise solution

Posted: January 2, 2013
By: Clay Cerny

Common Dream offers a summary of several progressive writers who are not happy with the “Fiscal Cliff” solution.  A common point among the writers is that the compromise solution still did much more to help wealthy people than it did to help working people.

There is one point that I disagree with.  Some critics condemn the roll back of President Obama’s temporary 2.6% cut in Social Security payroll taxes.  While this is a bad time to raise taxes on working people, this ugly move had to be made.  If we value Social Security, we need to pay for it.

On the positive side, the deal did extend long term unemployment.  Not every state takes advantage of this program, but for those that do, it will give a little more security to those who have had the hardest time finding a job.

The next phase in this debate will be even more important:  What will be cut in the name of “saving” that will hurt working people and the poor?  That question has been left open for now.