employee satisfaction

Posted: May 25, 2014
By: Clay Cerny

Huffington Post Business offers an interesting article on employee happiness. According to a survey by the website Glassdoor, employees at Costco are happier than higher paid professionals at big name firms. What’s the secret to Costco’s success in making its employees smile? Employees appreciate the company’s healthcare plan. Costco’s CEO is an advocate for raising the minimum wage, and his company pays a minimum of $11.50 an hour. It pays to treat employees well. That’s Costco’s secret. Many employers could learn from its example.

Posted: January 5, 2011
By: Clay Cerny

Recently I criticized Francine Knowles of the Sun-Times for an article that got lost in statistics.  Today the opposite is true.  Knowles reports on the Manpower-sponsored poll that finds 84% of employees wanting to find new jobs.  She cites several experts who point toward managers who care only about productivity as the source of discontent.  The experts also warn employers that they risk losing talented employees.  84 of 100 employees agree.

Along with this article, the Sun-Times lists the top 25 fastest growing occupations in Illinois.  The top five are biomedical engineers, home health aides, network systems/data analysts, preschool teachers, and occupational therapy aides.  Three of these five positions are lower wage jobs.  It’s interesting to note that the number of preschool teachers aides are growing at the same time that K-12 teachers are being laid off.  It’s becoming a refrain: We need good jobs.