Posted: August 19, 2012
By: Clay Cerny

Daily Kos has linked to a great chart from Forbes that documents 20 years of CEO compensation.  As Kos writer Shanika puts it, “If you are a low wage worker busting your butt harder than ever before for a large corporation, you've probably just wanted to say to the Man, "Show me the money!" Here's why most of them won't: They continue to keep a lot of it for themselves.”  Smells like Mitt Romney!

Posted: October 6, 2010
By: Clay Cerny

Forbes examines conflicting studies about the job market.  Monster says that its job posting are up 16% from a year ago.  Posting have been up for eight straight months.  Conversely, ADP reports that its survey shows that 39,000 jobs were lost last month, the first decline in seven months.  Who should we believe?

Both could be right.  Monster could be posting more jobs while there is a flood of jobs lost.  The real question is:  Where are we going?  Things certainly aren’t as bad as they were 18 months ago.  But both people and business feel uncertain.  Big business have achieved record profits, but they are not expanding their companies or hiring. 

My advice is to follow the 100% rule:  Do you have the job you want?  Do you have a job?  Focus on your situation and career first.  It’s easy to get confused and depressed if you read what the experts say and the conflicting studies they cite.  You are not a statistic.