hours worked each week

Posted: March 29, 2013
By: Clay Cerny

I was talking to a client today who is having trouble jump starting her job search.  Her biggest problem is balancing priorities.  I do not mean to be critical of this client.  All of us share this problem, and it’s a matter of making choices regarding our careers:

How much money do I want to make?

What level of responsibility do I want to hold?

How many hours do I want to work each day?

How much time do I want to spend commuting each day?

While the list of questions could go on and on, a smart job seeker needs to address the questions listed above before starting a job search.  A scatter-shot, “I’ll take anything” approach usually has the same result: a bad job and even more unhappiness.  Take the time to plan your career moves and set goals.  That’s the first step to landing the job you really want.