job promotion

Posted: December 26, 2011
By: Clay Cerny

One of my clients is pursuing a major promotion in his company.  He told me that one of the forces motivating him was advice he had gotten from a senior manager: “Don’t limit yourself.”

What does this advice mean?  It means that a real professional always does more than a job requires.  She stays late and motivates others by her example.  It also requires ambition and the ability to take professional risks.  A person can apply for a promotion and not get it.  Or she could get the position and not be able to handle the responsibility.  However, if she doesn’t take the chance, she’ll never know how high she can reach.  In the words of my client’s mentor, she will be limiting herself.

Don’t limit yourself.  Take on extra responsibilities, and, when the time comes, look to climb the ladder.  If your current employer won’t give you a change to move up, that’s a good reason to look for a new job.

Posted: August 30, 2010
By: Clay Cerny

I’m helping a client who is pursuing a promotion.  He has been a manager for over seven years.  His current job search is targeting senior manager positions.  To write his resume, my priority was to demonstrate that he has the skills needed to take on this new role.

We highlighted his work history, especially the current job, that fits senior managerial qualifications. We demonstrated how he played a leadership role in shaping policy, rather than simply managing projects and executing orders from above. He also introduced several processes that increased productivity and efficiency. 

A key theme throughout the resume was leadership.  My client worked directly with senior level leaders (CIO, CFO) to change policies that affected the entire company.  He took the initiative to plan and lead a project that impact how U.S. and international business unit communicate and work together.  The company recognized this achievement and presented him with an Employee of the Year Award.  We included these words from a letter the CEO sent to all employees: “Ron’s leadership was outstanding.  His effort will make this company stronger and more competitive.” 

Whenever you are seeking a promotion, be sure that your resume shows why and how you are ready to move up.  Describe specific skills and achievements that show your qualifications. In other words, write your resume to fit the job you want, not the one you want to leave behind.