reform movement

Posted: June 11, 2014
By: Clay Cerny


Writing in Huffington Post, education historian and public school advocate Diane Ravitch condemns the Vergara decision, which endangers teacher tenure in California. The judge based much of his ruling on popular notions presented by education reformers. Ravitch argues that no student will benefit by this decision. The real winner will be the “reformers” who want to break teachers unions.

The problem I have with the reform movement and its attack on teachers is that it is making teaching, which is already a difficult job, even harder. Tenure on the K-12 level simply gives the teacher the right to due process. Once this is taken away, principals will be able to target teachers for any reason. The Vergara decision, along with the growth of charter schools, will make fewer young people want to pursue a career in teaching. Who would want a difficult job with lower pay and fewer protections? That is what the reform movement is trying to achieve. Thankfully Diane Ravitch and her allies are fighting to preserve teaching as a profession.