Republican Party

Posted: October 10, 2015
By: Clay Cerny

It's been a great day.  The Cubs beat the Cardinals, and I met some friends for a steak dinner.  So, now while chilling out listening to blues and catching up with The New Yorker, I read these words in Amy Davidson's October 8 profile of GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina:  "When HP fired her, she got a twenty-million-dollar severance package, plus fifteen thousand for career counseling.  Only in this country, perhaps, could a C.E.O. receive compensation worth more than a million hundred million dollars in six years, get fired, and use the money to enter politics."

I don't believe in salary restrictions of any kind.  If a company wants to pay any employee any amount, that's the company's business.  At the same time, voters should be able to ask about a candidate's history and what it says about his or her potential leadership.  In Fiorina's case, she laid off thousands of workers before she took the money and ran.  As far as I can tell, none of her current positions would do anything to help American workers.  "Only in America."

Posted: October 22, 2013
By: Clay Cerny

Writing in Daily Kos¸ Laura Clawson analyzes what today’s national minimum wage of $7.25 is really worth.  Adjusted for inflation, the minimum wage has declined to the level it was at in 1950.  Clawson adds that many jobs paying this wage are part-time with unpredictable hours.  What’s worse is that many of the loudest voices in the Republican Party are challenging the very concept of a minimum wage.  What kind of country are we living in when poverty wages are equated with “freedom”?  As I said in a recent blog, America is bankrupt – morally bankrupt.