resume writing tips

Posted: November 30, 2012
By: Clay Cerny

We take certain things for granted in the age of smartphones and iPads.  Technology is great, but we have to be sure that it works properly.  Two times this week, I called clients and found it impossible to reach them.  In one case, the client had a new phone and had not set up voice mail.  In the other, the phone simply gave a message that the client was unavailable.

Be sure that the contact information on your resume is correct.  Check your voice mail.  If  employers call and cannot reach you or leave a message, the odds are very good that you will not get a second chance.

No answer + no message = no job.

Posted: October 20, 2012
By: Clay Cerny

In previous posts, I’ve disputed “experts” who say a resume should never have an objective.  I believe a simple objective can be a useful tool to let the employer know what position a job seeker is applying for.

I think the no objective “rule” has come from HR people reading too many objectives that are a waste of time.  For example, a client gave me a resume he had written with this objective:  “Seeking a challenging and rewarding position where my skills and accomplishments can be utilized.”  This statement is an example of many words saying nothing.  The employer wants to know how you are relevant to his company, not what you want, especially when it is phrased in such a moronic manner.

If I had to read such lines again and again, I too would be tempted to rail against objectives.  However, used properly, an objective can be a good tool to help the employer know what position you are seeking.  Use the tool properly.  Keep it simple.