Scott Walker

Posted: February 20, 2015
By: Clay Cerny


Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has announced that he will sign what is called “right to work” legislation. To be clear, this legislation enables workers at union work places to opt out of union membership and dues. Under this law, some workers will be able to benefit from union negotiation without paying dues. Eventually, no one will want to pay dues, unions will disappear, and workers will be left on their own to take what management will give them. Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (R) cheered the law saying: "The public widely supports worker freedom and the potential positive impact to the state's economy can no longer be ignored."

In reality, as union membership has fallen in the U.S., so have wages. Take a minute and review the chart in this article from Huffington Post. From 1968 to the present, middle class income and union membership has declined at almost the same pace. I could call that many things. It is not freedom.

P.S.  Daily Kos's great labor writer Laura Clawson gives her take on the parallel decline of unions and wages while also critiquing Nicholas Kristof for being late to the the party.

Posted: January 23, 2014
By: Clay Cerny

Aljazeera America reports that Michigan Governor Rick Snyder is backing a plan that will help Detroit workers save their pensions.  That’s great news if it is true.  Snyder is the man who brought emergency managers to strip out public wealth from poor cities throughout the state.  Now he’s promising $350 million to offset what his own emergency manager in Detroit claims is an $18 billion debt.  As Scott Walker in Wisconsin is promising voters big tax cuts, Snyder is trying to show that he really cares about poor people.  What is this about?  It’s time to run for re-election.  If working people are gullible enough to elect leaders that work against their interest, they will get what they deserve.

Posted: June 3, 2012
By: Clay Cerny

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Wisconsin – the Final Round?

Over a year ago, 100,000 students, teachers, police officers, fire fighters, union workers and other protests flooded into Madison, Wisconsin.  They came together to protest  Governor Scott Walker’s attempt to end collective bargaining as well as other “reforms.”  Later, activists collected over a million signatures to force a recall election, which will take place this Tuesday.

Polling suggests that the governor will win the election, but activists remain confident that their organization can mitigate the effect of Walker outspending his opponent Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett by a ratio greater than 12:1.  Barrett and his supporters have filled the state’s airwaves with commercials that have little to do with fact.  However, demonstrating the power unleashed by the Supreme Court’s Citizen’s United decision, Walker and his allies are using advertising to recreate reality.

This election will go a long way to testing the power of repeated messaging, which is made possible by big money, invisible funders.  If Walker wins, the floodgates will open between now and November.  Local TV stations will get fat with ad revenue, and voters will hate politics even more.

What if Barrett wins?  His victory would signal the ongoing power of traditional forms of politics, such as get out the vote campaigns.  It would give us hope that people working together can defeat the terminator-like power of big money.  In his book Uprising, John Nichols talks about the impact of new media and citizen journalism during the protests.  He also describes a revitalized labor movement that is focusing on what is good for workers, not just funneling money to the Democratic Party (which has not done enough to help Barrett).

Whatever happens on Tuesday, there is no denying the significance of the protests in Wisconsin and the recall effort.  Nichols links the protests to those in the Middle East which preceded them and the Occupy Movement which followed.  Just in the past few weeks, students in Quebec and Mexico have hit the streets to protest government policy.  Occupiers in New York marched in solidarity with those protests.  Even if Scott Walker keeps his job, the energy of people saying, “No,” cannot be stopped by any one election or – as the brave people of Syria show – even by bullets.

Nichols places the Wisconsin uprising in the context of the American Revolution and its leaders.  He quotes the most radical thinker of the time, Thomas Paine: “We have it in our power to begin the world over again.  A situation, similar to the present, hath not happened since the days of Noah until now.  The birthday of a new world is at hand.”  What happens in Wisconsin will be just one step in the creation of that new world.  Let’s hope it is a step forward*.

* Governor Walker’s campaign (like President Obama’s) is using “forward” as its slogan.  Clearly my idea of going forward is not the same as the governor’s.  Worst of luck to him (not just the election, the indictment too).

Postscript:  While reading Common Dreams today, I found that John Nichols has written a new article about how the recall and election put Wisconsin in line with its progressive tradition.

Posted: March 15, 2011
By: Clay Cerny

Last Saturday, a Wisconsin farmer named Tony Schultz spoke up for working people in his state.  I don’t know anything about Mr. Schultz’s background, but he can speak intelligently and with passion.  I urge you to watch this video.

Is there a governor worse than Scott Walker?  Yes, he’s in Michigan, and his name is Rick Sndyer.  Governor Snyder recently passed a law that would let him take over cities that are in financial trouble.  Now he wants to cut corporate property takes by 86%.  How will he pay for this?  By raising the taxes on the working poor and cutting school funding, which will cripple the state’s future workforce.  Scott Walker is a clown.  Rick Snyder is evil.  Tony Schultz?  His speech says it all

Posted: February 17, 2011
By: Clay Cerny

My friend Bill Savage has sent me a couple of funny posts from The Slog, which is edited by his brother Dan, better known as the writer of Savage Love.  The first post by David Schmader lists some funny “do nots” for job hunters, including my favorite – don’t wear Crocs to a job interview (or anywhere else!).  The second post by Goldy is a sarcastic look at Wisconsin Douchebag, er, I mean, Governor Scott Walker.  What’s going on in Wisconsin is not funny.  But, as Goldy proves with venom, the state’s governor is a joke.

Thanks, Bill.