striking Caterpillar workers

Posted: July 29, 2012
By: Clay Cerny

In today’s Chicago Sun-Times, Mary Mitchell introduces us to the people who are on strike against Caterpillar, a company that had a 67% increase in profits for the second quarter.  Mitchell takes us beyond the cliché of spoiled union workers and introduces us to real people and the struggles they are facing.  Take a few minutes to read this column.  It gives voice to people who too often are ignored by the corporate media* and too often reviled by their fellow workers.

* Yes, the Sun-Times is a corporation.  Unlike the city's other paper, it can sometimes look at issues that affect working people and the poor.  The paper investigates issues that matter to Chicago, and it has great columnists in Eric Zorn, Mary Mitchell, Roger Ebert, and Rick Telander.  Do I like all of its writers and editorial policies?  No.  But it hits more than it misses.