Taking a Long Weekend

Posted July 31, 2011
By Clay Cerny

I’m lucky.  Running my own business means that I can make my own schedule (within reason, of course).  That allowed me to join my friends Bill and Rich for a weekend watching amateur and minor league baseball in three Iowa cities: Waterloo, Cedar Rapids, and Davenport.

We’ve done similar trips over several years.  I use this time as a way to decompress – no email or checking phone messages at work.  It’s also great to drive acrossIowa, where so much of the land is covered in corn or soy, a very different view than what we city dwellers enjoy in our hustle, hustle lives.

There is one part of this trip that I connect to my business:  dreams.  Every player I watched this weekend has a dream:  to play in the big leagues.  Most – almost all – will not achieve their dreams.  But they are trying.  Because of that, I was able to enjoy 3 great games and watch young people test their skills.  It was great fun.

This weekend’s post will be cut short a little (I need to unpack and get ready for work tomorrow).  Below are a few photos from today’s game in Davenport.  Why no photos from Waterloo and Cedar Rapids?  I forgot the camera!

Me with the Mississippi in the background







Baseball and corn? It must be Iowa.


A big bridge for a wide river


Bandits' pitcher Boone Whiting -- on his way to Kansas City?