Teacher Resumes

Posted July 29, 2011
By Clay Cerny

When I started writing resumes in 2001, teachers had a much easier time getting hired.  Now with budget cuts and more programs to certify teachers, it is much harder to find a job in teaching, which means teacher resumes need to sell more.

The first step in writing a teacher’s resume is to layout qualifications: certifications, endorsements, and types of classes taught.  It is equally important to show other ways one has contributed to a school’s success: tutoring in before/after school programs, coaching, and in-service training.  School “reform” has led to an emphasis on test scores.  If a teacher has raised test scores, she should take credit for that achievements.  Similarly, given funding concerns, if she has obtained grants or participated in fundraising, those elements should also be highlighted on a resume. 

Use this question when editing a teacher’s resume: Would a principal want to see this?  Would she want someone with this skill or achievement on her faculty?  Answer these questions, and you will have the base for a winning resume.