Time to Leave

Posted April 23, 2011
By Clay Cerny

A client told me an interesting story today.  He works in sales for a company that is affiliated with health care.  In mid-December, he and other sales representatives were notified that the company would no longer give commissions on existing business.  This change meant that he would lose $20,000 a year.  The note from management informed employees that they could make up lost income by drumming up new business (while keeping existing accounts). 

My client complained to his manager about the change.  The manager replied, “I dare you to find a better job.”  Here’s the good news.  My client is taking him up on his dare. He will find something better.  Many companies have taken similar short-term, short-sighted actions that punish their employees.  They will pay in the long run when their competitors hire good employees who respect themselves.  If you’re company is taking advantage of you in this way, it’s time to leave.