Too Cute Kills Communication

Posted March 1, 2013
By Clay Cerny

This morning a radio news report said there was no white or black smoke coming from the White House during the president’s meeting with congressional leader.  The person who wrote the news report was trying to be cute.  Black and white smoke are the signals the Vatican uses to announce voting on a new pope, which is another issue currently in the news.  However, by mixing these details the news writer’s attempt to be cute resulted in confusion.

We can fall into the same trap in writing resumes and cover letters.  Heavy use of jargon or specialized language often does more to confuse than enlighten.  Some people also try to sound impressive and rely on multi-syllabic words that make reading difficult.  For example, most words ending in -ize are nouns or adjectives pretending to be verbs. Another word trap is using the language used by former employers.  Companies often develop their own language, which is meaningless to anyone who does not work at that company.

Test everything you write by asking these two questions: Would a perspective employer understand this?  Would she care?  These questions will keep your resume and cover letter focused on what the employer needs, which is all that matters.  When it comes to words, cute does not sell.  Usually, it just leads to confusion.