Two Paths to a Job

Posted January 17, 2014
By Clay Cerny

I have a client whom I will call Ann.  She has worked for more than 20 years as a manager of college book stores and has a special expertise in her field.  When Ann met me, we discussed the option of writing two resumes.  One focuses on her career in the college bookstore industry.  However, her skills also fit as a retail manager, which is her plan B career.

In one version of Ann’s resume, we emphasized her experience and skills working in a college bookstore environment.  That version uses words that do not appear in the more general retail version: text book, student, professor, book returns.  We also named specific schools where Ann has been a manager.  In the retail version, Ann’s resume looks to broad transferable skills that any retail manager would need.  We stripped out those duties and skills that were specific to college bookstore positions.

Look at your resume and see if you, like Ann, have more than one path to a job.  Make sure that your resume focus on the skills and experience that fit each type of position.  It takes a little longer to manage this type of job search, but it also enables job seekers to have more opportunities.  In a tough job market, having more options is a good thing.