The Value of Teachers to Society

Posted February 19, 2011
By Clay Cerny

The protest in Wisconsin has brought a focus back on a topic I’ve written about several times over the last year:  the value of teachers.  From Kindergarten through graduate school I went to both public and private schools.  Most of my teachers were good.  They taught during the day.  They graded papers and planned lessons on nights and weekends.  It’s not an easy job.

So let’s think for a minute about what opponents of teacher unions want:  lower pay, fewer benefits, and no union protection.  As I say above, teaching is a tough job.  Take the good stuff away and who will want to do it?  Yes, good teachers don’t just work for the money.  But, at some point, even the most dedicated teachers will say that it’s not worth the sacrifice. 

The same people who complain about the quality of American educator are doing everything they can to drive good teachers from the classroom. The same people who say we need to compete with China are driving out our country’s most important resource:  Educators. 

Shame on Governor Scott Walker and his Tea Party supporters.  The have an odd way of showing their love for America.  Three cheers for the young students who are marching in Madison.  They remember what the old and selfish have forgotten.  They know how to say, “Thank you.”