What to Do about the Jobs Crisis

Posted June 4, 2011
By Clay Cerny

Yesterday I wrote that the panic caused by a job growth of 54,000 was overblown.  My point was that we should not live by fear.  There is a jobs problem.  How do we solve it?

Yes! magazine offers an outline of changes that will be fleshed out in their next issue.  What Yes! does as well as any journal is challenge conventional wisdom.  It condemns the tired ideas of both the right (cut deficits) and left (make jobs) in favor of creating an economy built around sustainability and a new model for sharing wealth.  Yes! asks how we can: 

  1. Create and finance sustainable jobs.
  2. Come together in the public and private sectors to create “sustainable livelihoods.”
  3. Share work and have more hours to live.
  4. Rediscover the ways we can do things for ourselves and share the gift of our talents with our neighbors.

Agree or disagree, Yes! presents an alternative to traditional solutions.  We see everything in terms of right and left (and sometimes a vague middle).  This kind of proposal might not work, but it presents a different way of solving a problem, which is what we need in the face of a weak economy and a changing world.