The Work Never Ends

Posted February 24, 2011
By Clay Cerny

I was listening to the radio today and heard that the song “Roxanne” by the Police is now 32 years old. A few years ago Sting and his band made millions by singing their old hits.   Earlier same day, I was surprised to hear a commercial promoting a tour by the Monkees, a group that is a generation older than the Police. The Rolling Stones tour almost every year. Bands that were stars now cover their own hits. Some still play in big stadiums and arenas.  Others have moved to the smaller halls and theaters.

What’s the moral of story?  Work changes.  Few people do the same thing in their 40s, 50s, and 60s what they did in their 20s.  The key to being successful is to adapt and to keep doing the kind of work that makes you happy.  If you’re stuck in your current job, that’s a great starting point for change.  Ask yourself these questions: What kind of activity or skills makes me happy?  What kind of work doesn’t feel like work?  Take a lesson from Mick Jagger.  Keep singing and dancing.